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Refillable tub 20 ducks

Refillable tub 20 ducks

Favourite fragrance? This refillable tub is perfect for you! Comes with 20 ducks of your fragrance choice. 

When you want a refill just select the refill option and which will provide you with a top-up bag of 20 ducks for just £12.

Note: Each duck weighs approximately 11g+ and will last a minimum of 8hrs, with most fragrances providing 12hrs+ *this varies depending on   tea light and warmer used.

All our wax melts are produced using natural coconut & rapeseed wax & carefully selected, vegan-friendly, fragrance oils. We comply with strict CLP regulations and your product will arrive labelled clearly with this. CLP information for each fragrance can be found on our website under Fragrance oil CLP information.

Please follow manufacturer’s instructions for use of the burner. Ensure the wax does not overflow and never leave unattended. If any cracks are noticed, please do not use.
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