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It was one of the highest grossing Bollywood movies of 2005, grossing about 100 million in India. The film is set in Amritsar and has an anti-corruption theme. The soundtrack and background score of the movie were composed by JAM8 and Jeet Ganguly. Plot Inspector Ajit Singh (Ajay Devgn) is an honest police inspector who has been assigned the task of putting an end to the corruption in his department. He does not know his predecessors, much less his current colleagues who are conspiring to fool him. One day, he is called to the police station and is told that he is being promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Police and transferred to the Amritsar Police Station. He is not comfortable in a city like Amritsar, so he decides to stay in the hills at a place called Buddha Village where he can get away from the urban problems. However, he meets Bhagwanti (Mimi Chakraborty), a school teacher, who is scared of being attacked by a criminal gang. Ajit, who has a heart, intervenes. He tries to save her, but is pushed down from a cliff by the gang and is injured. It is then that he realizes that he is not cut out to be a policeman and decides to resign. However, he realizes that he would have no peace or rest if he didn't catch the criminal who pushed him. He gets together his old friends, Ajit (Tusshar Kapoor), D’Souza (Akshay Kumar), Sid (Rahul Dev), and takes action against a gang involved in shady business. However, he is caught up in a web of corruption and a horrible murder case. Ajit is helped by the local mafia boss, Sant Kabir Singh (Akshay Kumar). Ajit manages to bring about a series of events, which forces the corrupt cop, Kumar, to save him. Sant Kabir Singh is unable to bring Ajit Singh to his knees, and so throws him out. However, Ajit's tenacity is such that he goes ahead with his mission. He manages to save his daughter from being raped by a goon, and so manages to capture him. Ajit is taken to jail by Kumar and his gang, where he is beaten by them. However, he manages to escape. He is taken to the local police station, and is beaten again




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HD Online Player (hindi Movie Insan Full Movie Free Download) nestduck

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