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Package and Price Changes

Behind the scenes we have faced our first big hurdle as a business over the last few weeks.

At one point I thought it was that bad that I would have to throw in the towel. But like I have always said, my ethos is always “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Honesty is also a key trait for our business and so I would like explain the hurdle we’ve faced and our plans to continue to ensure Midducks stick around.

Brexit & lack of raw materials have created international supply issues recently. About a month ago many of my suppliers had slowly started raising prices of my materials and resources, for example, one item we buy a lot of, went from £30 to £38. I could cope with this. However, it was 2 weeks later, upon my next order, when I was left devastated (cried a lot! I couldn’t see a way forward) when this same item increased yet again, but this time to £52! Approx 75% increase in the space of 2wks! And furthermore, upon going to reorder another usual order at £50 from another supplier I was told there were also increases there and the very same order was now £179!!! I’ve managed to obviously hunt around to see if I can bring these costs down & have done the best I can to do so- without compromising the product quality. But after a couple of weeks now of much thought and calculations, I’ve had to adjust my packages in line, it was the only way I could think of sustaining the business.

New packages and reviewed prices will come into effect from Monday 26th April 2021. You will also notice a couple of new options for regular customers, where you can save by not having the box packages, but instead having glassine bags. I hope that helps.

I hope everyone understands and continues to support Midducks on our Journey. Lots of love 🦆💖

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